Lost Cat Advice

Lost Cat Advice

On this page we have put together a few pointers on what to do next in searching for your lost loved one. If you have any questions or are looking for advice do not hesitate to us.

It’s a good idea to contact all the rescues in Central Scotland in particular I’d make sure that you check regularly with the SSPCA as they may have been handed in there and they only have limited space so therefore can only keep them so long. It is a similar situation with the CP too so again keep checking back with them regularly to see if they have had any reports.  You will get full contact details for all cat rescues in all regions of the UK at www.catchat.org


It is inevitable though that some cats do go wandering off. Has your cat been prone to this in the past at all? Does she have a thing for cars? Is she good at sneaking into sheds and garages?  The tips below may help you locate them.

As well as contacting local rescues I would also suggest you try the following;

  • Contact all local vets and leave details as often cats are reported to local vets when found. This includes vets outwith your immediate area. Always contact neighbouring towns too.
  • Make up posters with your cats picture on them and post them around the community, community centres, vets, send them to rescue shelters, local shops, etc, anywhere you can get them. When putting contact details on the flyers we also often say to people to put our number down too, just remember to let us know. That way if you are out then there is an alternative number for the person to try and may result in your cat being returned to you quicker. The number to use for our lost and found service is 0300 330 1412.
  • Go round the local neighbourhoods and look under hedgerows calling on your cat and rattling their favourite food tin or box of biscuits. Ask residents to check their sheds, garages, outbuildings, etc as it may be that he has become trapped in one of these buildings. You can also leave notices with the residents, through their doors if they are not in asking them to do this. If they are in… try to get them to check the shed/garage while you are there. Often people say they will check but when they return inside they get distracted and forget. Cats can wander quite a distance so the more area you cover the better and at this time of year when folks are starting to work in the garden it is surprising the number of cats that get trapped inside sheds.  Search at least 1 mile in any direction from your home, though generally cats are found within 2 or 3 streets of their home.
  • Check any local waste land areas that are accessible without you getting into danger. He / she could have wandered there and got lost. Railways are also a good place to check if you have any local to you.  But remember to be safe at all times.
  • Check all of his regular hidey places.
  • Check with the council’s Environmental Health office and BEAR Scotland. Should your cat have been injured by a roadside the bin men may have collected her and taken her back to the depot where they have to record the details of the cat picked up. Although this wouldn’t be good news at least you would know what happened.
  • If your cat is a pedigree you may also want to try looking at the classifieds such as the adtrader and Gumtree as someone may well have listed them for sale if taken for money.  It is also possible that someone posted a found message on Gumtree so do check just in case.
  • Hang out a favourite piece of your cats bedding or clothes you have worn, the breeze will carry a familiar scent to your loved and lost cat. Another option also popular and does work is to empty the contents of your hoover bag into your garden. This too is full of familiar scents and will help to draw your little one home if they are still in the area and a little disorientated.
  • Post details of your missing cat on all Lost Cat Registers you can find online.
  • Post a picture and description to Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue’s Facebook page.  We will then share it on for you and typically other rescues and organisations will pick up your notice from there too.

It is not uncommon for cats to turn up weeks later albeit a little worse for wear and hungry but OK. The more lost notices you can get out and the more people you can get to help you look the better really.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice / questions, or just an understanding ear to listen.

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