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Ziggy Young Female Dark Tortie Cat. (Adopted)

Introducing you to Ziggy!

Ziggy came to us after wandering the streets as a long term stray cat.  We had tracked her for several weeks discovering latterly that she was heavily pregnant.  Unable to trap her in time she disappeared off to have her babies alone in the cold during the winter.

We kept looking and just as we thought she was gone for good we got a call to say the wee girl had been found inside of an unused rabbit hutch in a garden with just 1 little kitten.

We brought her in and she was very cold, filthy, skinny and a poor looking wee soul.

It took several weeks but we finally got Ziggy back to good health, spayed and she is now looking for her forever home.

I realise she looks grumpy in her picture but the truth could not be more opposite to what you see (thanks to a bright flash).

Ziggy is truly one of ‘the’ sweetest, most loving, gentle and kind souls you could ever wish to meet.  A true lap cat she adores her cuddles when she’s in the mood and other times is happy just having her own space.

Coming from street life and the fact she finds our 4yr old a bit scary we feel she would be best suited to either a professional couple with no plans of future children or a home with children of around 10yrs old & above.

You most definitely have to be a true cat person for Ziggy who loves long afternoon cuddles on the sofa with a good book or movie and willing to meet her demand for hands on affection.

She loves to have some interactive play fun and truth be told she is a total nip head’ so expect lots of rolling around & drooly behaviour when strong catnip is around and she is soooo easy to fall in love with. 💖 As soon as you say hi she jumps up for head bumps and rolls around asking for tummy rubs & kisses.

Ziggy is neutered, part vaccinated already, microchipped and received a clean bill of health from the vets. Age wise due to her background we don’t have a specific date of birth however through assessment we believe she is approximately 2-4yrs old.

Ziggy unfortunately hates even the sight of other cats so we have to rule out multi cat homes and are looking for a home where she will be a single kitty in the house. That said she has soooo much love to give sharing would be difficult!

We don’t know how she’s with dogs but going by her reaction to other cats it’s probably not something we would look at.

She’s suitable for either a stimulating indoor home or one with safe outdoor access well away from busy roads.

Ziggy is a perfect little companion cat and we are very sure the first person to see her will fall head over heels!

If you would like to be considered for adopting our ‘Wee Angel’, Ziggy then please could we ask you to compete our Adoption Application Form from the website once you have read through our Adoption FAQ .

Should you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to get in touch.