Suki (Reserved)

Suki (Reserved)

Who could resist those big, beautiful eyes and cute purrsonality! Introducing our latest cuddle bug, Suki. She has an incredibly sweet personality – and requires an owner who can give her plenty of affection!

Suki was rescued from a Colony of cats that are fed well by the organisation they live with. However, Suki’s coat had become matted over the winter, so it was necessary to take her to the vet to get shaved.

Low and behold, she is the softest sweetest loving little thing. She lay down and let the vet shave her. So it’s clear that she has been a pet originally, and has possibly strayed into the colony.
She is tiny, and VERY affectionate. She loves nothing more than being cuddled.

It’s clear that she would do better with a home that can groom her (she loves being brushed) and has time to give her plenty attention.

As she is so friendly, she cannot be allowed to roam free, as she would likely go off with anyone passing by.

Ideally she would be an indoor cat, or have access to a catio, or garden with pet fencing. It would be sensible to bring her in during wet weather to avoid her coat becoming matted.


If you are interested in Suki please review our rehomimg FAQ page and submit your enquiry below – he is waiting to hear from you!