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Joey knew love before he passed.

Joey knew love before he passed.

Joey was brought into Sunny Harbour on the 12/07/09 after we received a call about a cat with a broken leg. He was in shocking condition, bleeding sores, feet and eye infections, emaciated and very very weak.

We did everything in our power to provide him with as much care and veterinary treatment as he needed and despite improvement he was sadly too weak to pull through and passed peacefully to Rainbow Bridge on 31/07/2009.

Though he was here just a short while he touched so many people in so many ways and will never be forgotten by all of those who took him into their heart.

Despite what Joey had been through he always had a purr and a cuddle for you and even in his last few moments drifted off with a purr.

“We hope you are free from your pain and living a happy loved life at Rainbow Bridge. You were with us only a short while but we will never, ever, forget you, your bravery and sweet sweet smile.”