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Posing for the camera

Posing for the camera

Paul & I were so delighted to finally be able to introduce Miss Cleo to the world, following her rehabilitation, though it was to be short lived. Cleo came to Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue in December of 2011 after she was brought to Sunny Harbour following the arrival of a new baby, which had left Cleo, an already unpredictable cat, upset about the changes.

When Miss Cleo arrived at 11 years old, it was very clear she was a cat in distress and struggled to trust. She was upset but most of all exceptionally fearful and suffering with a common effect of this, fear aggression.

The progress Cleo made was amazing. This once fearful, hissing cat became the first to her feet to greet you when you went into the cat room. She chatted to you and asked for cuddles and ear rubs and has one of the loudest purrs you have ever heard.   If you kneel next to her pen she has even been known to give the volunteers a headbump, gentle kiss and a general clean up!!

Our Noses will never be as clean again….

You can see in the video below how pleased she was to see you.

Cleo had no sense of toys when she arrived and didn’t understand self play or interactive play. Through time we had shown her how these can be fun and though she would only really self play with her favourite bananas or cigars, she also loved the da bird and laser pens and could get up a fair speed on those wee gorgeous legs.

Cleo formed a special bond with one of our volunteers. She will always be remembered.

Cleo formed a special bond with one of our volunteers. She will always be remembered.

Sadly Cleo’s new found happiness was to be very shortlived. Just a couple of short weeks after finding that you can be happy, loved and without fear she slowly started to go off her food, become lethargic and our happy wee girl just didn’t have her ‘spark’.

Despite a couple of visits to the vets which showed her to be clinically fine even courses of steroids and antibiotics did no good. Finally it was decided that we would take her for an x-ray to find out what could be causing her lethargy and weight loss.

What we were to find was heart breaking. Our little Cleo had a huge number of substantial tumours growing throughout her chest cavity.

Devestated at seeing our wee girl coming SO far to fall just before her chance at happiness has left us all very sad.

Cleo has returned to Sunny Harbour and has been buried in our remembrance gardens in a special spot which we will mark with a special bush and a wee plaque for our wee girl.

“run and play pain free and happy little girl. You are sorely missed and we are ever so proud of you for the wonderful progress you made. We are so happy to have had you in our lives, albeit for a short time. We will always remember you baby girl.”