Found Cat Advice

Found Cat Advice

I have found a cat I think is lost or stray – what should I do?

The first thing to do is put its details on as many lost and found sites as you can and contact all local rescues to let them know you have found a cat.

Put notices in your local shop, notice boards and go door to door asking residents in the area.  Also register the cat you have found with Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue below.

Lost cats are generally within ½ mile of their own home so do make sure as a minimum you have gone door to door at least 3 streets in any direction from your home.

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Also, place a paper collar around the neck of the cat you have found if it will allow you to approach.  A paper collar is a strip approx 2cm wide from a sheet of A4 paper which you secure firmly but loosely around the cats neck with cellotape. You should be able to get 2 fingers between the cats neck and the paper collar.

Write on the piece of paper – “ I believe this to be a lost cat if your cat please call me on ###### “

If the cat already wears a collar an option is to create a paper tag in the same way and attach it to the existing collar with the same information.  You should leave the paper collar on for at least 7- 10 days.

Continue to monitor and check lost and found websites and notify rescue’s if you find the owner.

You can also post a message with a photo stating exactly where the cat was found to Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue’s Facebook page here.  We will then share it for you and from there many other rescues and organisations will also share it for you.

If the cat you have found is injured and in need of veterinary care due to an open wound or very poor condition then contact Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue, the SSPCA or your local rescue as soon as possible.

If you are able to catch said cat and have a secure cat carrier you can also take the cat to a local vet or rescue to be scanned for a microchip which will hopefully allow the cat to be returned home much quicker.  Veterinary practices should do this free of charge for you.  We will also scan for a chip free of charge for you.

DO NOT – just pick up said cat, keep it indoors or take and leave with a rescue immediately without having attempted the steps above first.

For more information on identifying a stray cat, please consult our guide available on Rescue Tales.

Report a Found Cat

Have you identified a stray cat? Report it to us here.