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Update on Air Conditioning Appeal

We would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU!!! to everyone who helped with our appeal for funds to install new air conditioning units in the new cattery as our old unit held together with gaffa tape & hope was rapidly falling to bits.

Our lovely new fully working air con units.

We had identified the 3 units we would need which are fed by external inverter units that would provide cool air in summer, warm air in winter and with added dehumidifier functionality too.

Our budget for this was £1500 and we were overwhelmed by the support so many of you showed for the harbour babies who were literally melting in the summer heat and it was hindering their recoveries.

We would very much like to add an enormous special thanks to Yvonne & Peter Radcliffe whose company ETL Air Conditioning stepped in to help us with the purchase and installation of the air conditioning units within our limited budget.

We can now confirm the units were delivered and successfully installed by Yvonne’s company who sent up one of their engineers from Yorkshire to install the system.  Not only that we also have a fantastic warranty on the units as well for peace of mind should anything go wrong with any of the units and help is only a phone call away!

We truly cannot thanks all of you amazing, special people who supported our appeal enabling the Harbour Babies to now be enjoying fantastic climate controlled rooms, while the rest of us melt in this heat!!

As always none of this would have been possible without the amazing, unstinting support so many of you show for the harbour babies and ensuring they receive the very best of care.

Without amazing, kind and generous people such as you we truly could not continue to do the work we do to keep the stray & abandoned cats throughout the region safe, loved and with all the veterinary care they require.

On behalf of the kitties Paul & I send our very heartfelt thanks to each and everyone of our donors and to Yvonne and her team for making this a reality and giving the babies such a fabulous outcome.

Thank you so so much.

Sarah & Paul