Sponsor a Cat

Sponsor a Cat

Would you like a special, personalised gift for a cat lover? Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue run our sponsor a cat gift scheme to help us raise critical funding to continue our work saving cats in need.

Our personalised cat sponsorship pack includes a small gift and certificate, cat tales and photo’s of our long term residents such as Sophie, Brandy and Aston presented in a high quality PVC display book.

We also include a copy of our current newsletter with letters and stories from our residents with permanent sanctuary at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue.

To make your gift that little bit extra special we customise the front of your personalised gift pack with a message of your choice perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversary’s or holidays.


Pawrents Elaine & Bruce’s Verdict:

We’ve bought two of these sponsorship packs as presents (so far!). What makes them different from other sponsorship packs is the presentation, and the personalisation of the packs themselves. Having bought sponsorship packs for other animal charities, I have to say that there’s a world of difference with a Sunny Harbour pack – instead of a lone certificate, Sunny Harbour packs have a personalised message plus a folder with lots of information about Sunny Harbour work and residents, and loads of pictures and news of the cats which are being sponsored. They include gifts as well, and the newsletter will be sent as well.

I love the way that Sunny Harbour put so much of themselves and their passion for their cats into these packs – by sending one as a present, you’re involving one more person in the ever-expanding Sunny Harbour community. And helping the best cat rescue we’ve ever encountered!

How to Purchase

Gift Sponsorship for the Year is just £30 – the equivalent of just £2.50 per month!

Sponsorship packs can be purchased over the phone by calling 0300 330 1412. We can take your payment details for card payment and personalisation details. Alternatively, email us to let us know you wish to purchase a pack with a contact phone number and we will call you.

Staff will be happy to provide further details and answer specific queries by phone or email.