Donate Housing

Donate Housing

In building the new cattery at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue, the one thing that we need to add to the fixtures, fittings, external and internal walls is of course…housing for the cats!

We have built the cattery to meet our particular housing and process needs and on talking to a number of people who had lost cats they had adopted from us, and very kindly made donations to the rescue, we thought what better way to keep their memories alive than to offer their servant the opportunity to name a housing unit after their bridge baby who had given them so many wonderful years of companionship.

Therefore as a lasting tribute to the memory of your companion, we are offering the first 10 people to donate the cost of building a set of pens, the opportunity to dedicate a unit to their loved one and name the housing unit.  This will be a permanent naming, not for 12 months, but for the life the housing unit is in use.  Each housing unit holds 3 pens.


There are currently plans for 10 initial housing units giving us 30 pens with the ability to expand to 12 units if required, at a later date.  These are situated as follows:

  • 2 in the Quarantine Area (Calypso Room)
  • 3 in the Nursery Area (Angelica Room)
  • 5 in the Main Homing Area (Ronnie Room)

The cost to the rescue of building each housing unit is £300 so anyone who donates to the cattery project £300 or more will be given the option to name a housing unit in memory of a loved one, whether human or feline.

As part of the naming we will also write to you as often as we can to let you know the cats that have used your housing unit, their stories, updates and let you know how they are getting on and of course with pictures too.

On each housing unit we will attach a metal plaque engraved, with your choice of wording, the name you wish assigned to the housing unit for everyone who visits the cattery to see.  A fit and lasting memory knowing that in their name hundreds of cats and kittens may be saved and given a much brighter, happier future for entering Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue and from there finding their forever homes.

We will also add details of the housing unit to the list below and once all 10 housing units have been named this page will be updated to show the cats in whose memory each is dedicated.

Donations to Date:

  • Nursery Unit 1 – Dexter Reid
  • Nursery Unit 2 – G. Biggerstaff
  • Homing Unit 1 – Roxy Glover
  • Homing Unit 2 – Lana’s ‘Elliott’s Angels’
  • Homing Unit 3 – Mr Thomson

If you too would like to leave a lasting legacy of your furry companion or dearly loved human companion then you can donate using the button below and we will contact you to ask which wording you would like for your dedication.

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