Introducing Meera our gorgeous,  determined Tortie Cat packed to the brim with Tortitude!

Meera came to us having been sold through the free ad sites and the home she was in didn’t work out as Meera didn’t settle. She was very defensive and afraid but with gentle coaxing we managed to get her into a carrier and back to the rescue.

She used lots of swear words for the first week she was with us and kept us on our toes. She has mellowed a tiny amount but still not happy to be stroked but she will come and take treats from us on her terms.

She is afraid and as we know from vast experience cats sold through selling pages come to Rescue when their trauma causes behavioural issues and they no longer settle in homes.

Meera has huge potential as a loving companion but she needs someone she can trust who is VERY experienced in cats with difficult backgrounds and fear aggression.

A VERY quiet home with no children, no other cats or dogs is a must.

You must also be aware she is not going to join your home and be a cuddly cat. It will take time, patience and work to gain her trust. 

You must he prepared for the possibility of scratches, to be sworn at and given the dirtiest of Tortitide looks!

You will need to have lots of experience with cats and in particular working with cats with trust issues or fiesty torties will be beneficial, though not essential, as we will walk you through steps to take. You MUST be willing to listen to and follow instructions given by the rescue to help her settle in and continue building her trust.

Tortie cat looking at the camera

We will expect anyone looking to adopt Meera to commit to once or twice weekly visits with her at the rescue for a few weeks to build familiarity and to see how she responds to you BEFORE considering any move to her new home.

Meera is approximately 9yrs old and passed her health checks  with our vets. She was suffering from residual ovary tissue from an old spay which has since been removed and Meera has appeared more settled since her surgery and more at ease.

If you think you have the patience, experience and time to offer Meera a loving home she deserves then please do get in touch by applying using the button below.