Covid Statement July 2021

Covid Statement July 2021
Covid Update regarding Rescue Activities

It has been a VERY long, hard year for us all and the rescue has been no different. Closure has brought with it many challenges not least financially especially with near complete closure of the Shop during this time of Covid-19. We would like to extend a heart felt thank you to everyone who has continued to donate to the rescue during this time to help us care for the cats we have had with us during this time. We are hanging in there by a thread,  but we are still here.

We did manage to rehome all of our “easy” cases last year but we still have several more complex cases everyone overlooks still with us. We have however, seen advantages of lockdown for a number of our cats from extremely traumatic backgrounds with extensive trust issues. The quiet of lockdown and closing to the public has afforded them the peace and time to regain confidence and trust in a quieter rescue environment. Lockdown has now given cats we weren’t sure would ever find a home, the chance of a happy future in a home … IF we can find those people willing to work for their trust and affections in a new home and accept their imperfections.

With this in mind we are preparing profiles for them for our website, warts & all in the hope some kind hearted, cat loving people will offer them a home and see past their minor medical, aesthetic and behaviour issues. Look out for more details shortly.

We will not be reopening for intakes or visits from the public at the current time but hope we can begin to remedy getting back to full service in the months ahead in the hope Covid-19 infection rates slow and we can remain safe. Another consideration is as we have always said, we have to give careful consideration to what we can financially cope with in terms of vets fees and feeding & running costs and taking on new cases at the current time would be irresponsible. So, we are firstly focusing our attentions on finding homes for these difficult to home cats  whilst we work behind the scenes finalising other rescue matters needing our attention.

In the meantime thank you SO much to those who have shown us kindness and patience and please, please, keep yourselves safe and we hope to see you all again soon!