Charlie & Truro

Charlie & Truro

This wonderfully affectionate, gentle duo have been through a very difficult time following the death of their owner. When they arrived with us at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue they were very unsettled and went through a bleak period of mourning.  Charlie in particular is very sensitive and really struggled initially.

With patience and time spent with them day & night they slowly began to brighten and only in the last few weeks have we felt them ready to make the move onto their Adoptive Retirement Home, which we hope you will consider for these amazing, loving and gentle cats.

Charlie pictured above is the more quiet of the duo and Truro is, as is always the case with the girls, the cat in charge!!

You most definitely need both hands in use while speaking to these guys as they aim for your undivided attention but we all absolutely adore this pair.


We are looking for a quiet household and if a family then ideally with children over 12 yrs old. No previous experience with cats necessary as these 2 amazing cats are so friendly they will soon get everyone well and truly under the law.

Many people approach us always looking for young cats but if you can find it in your heart to give a couple of old timers a chance I can say hand on heart you will not be disappointed. Cats like Charlie & Truro give back tenfold what you give them and all they ask is a warm bed, a full tummy and cuddles.

We have stipulated an indoor only home for Charlie & Truro but will consider options for them to have short supervised access to a safe garden well away from traffic.

If you can find it in your heart to give these amazing cats a chance then please do get in touch with us using our adoption Enquiry Form below.


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