Touch Activated Go Go Laser Chaser Mouse

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These are a fantastic toy now on sale at Sunny Harbour Shop.

Touch activated when your cat touches the mouse it takes off rolling accross the floor and shining a red laser dot in front of it allowing your cat to independently play.

You can also use it as an interactive toy with a touch button turning it into a hand held laser pen. Brilliant addition to the cat toy range and the harbour babies love it!!

Always ensure that you use a laser pen safely with your cat.

– NEVER place the pointer on their body to chase or another cat.
_ ALWAYS ensure they achieve a ‘kill’ at the end of play. This can be either a toy thrown in for them to catch or some treats. Never end play with a laser without a reward.

Failure to follow this advice can result in destructive and self harming behaviours.

Used wisely a laser pen is a fantastic tool for exercising your cat but please do so safely.

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