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The Flying Frenzy Interactive cat toy for fantastic fun play time with your cat!

This is the 19 Inch shorter version single one part rod.

One of the best cat toys on the world market today! Cats go into a Frenzy for it!

If you have not seen the Flying Frenzy Wand Toy in action with your cat then you are in for a surprise, the feather frenzy refills spin through the air simulating a flying bird and for your cat look and sound like the real thing!

Handmade in the UK (Scotland) with Top Quality UK sourced materials.

A single flexible rod, 19″ ave in length, made from fibreglass for strength, durability and fully covered with heat shrink tubing to completely eliminate any possibility of fibreglass splinters. For storage the wand can simply be stored away. A 1 meter long white strong cord is attached to the rod’s top swivel hook so can be replaced easily with your own cord or you can buy repair cord packs. The rod comes with one Frenzy feather refill.

The feather refills are made with two pheasant flight feathers which provide a spin and brightly coloured marabou feathers. The feathers are hot glued into the plastic body of the refill to prevent them being pulled out and the connection loop has a double swivel to prevent the cord being tangled.

Real Feathers are used. Feathers are sourced in the UK in accordance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981. Flight feathers are hand plucked not factory plucked ensuring a high quality and are from British Pheasant Game Birds that are free to lead a natural life before entering the British food chain.

Colour & size of Feather Frenzy refill varies.The feather end is replaceable, so once a cat has had many great times catching their prey, the supplied feather end can be replaced quickly.

There are lots other Frenzy different attachments (Available separately) – Crinkle Ball Frenzy, Ratatouille, Mouse, Fishie, Froggie, Nymph, House Spider, Tarantula, Aracno, Skitter, FireFly, Locust, Ribbon Frenzy, Faux Fur streamer, Reindeer, Sheepie, Shimmer, Feather Shimmer and Deluxe Feather Frenzy to provide a large variety of play and long term interest.

Also all of the Da Bird attachments (available separately) can be clipped on adding to the variety of fun for this toy – Da Sparkler, Da Puff and Da Super Feather refill.

Simply clip a different refill on and play away!

Highly Recommended for use in Play therapy for behaviour issues and combating weight issues.

PLAY THERAPY -The Flying Frenzy is an excellent toy to use with behaviour issues.
With The Flying Frenzy Cat toy, fly the feather end around the room or garden in random sweeping movements like a bird in real flight. Your cat’s attention will be completely focused on it’s “prey”. Talk to the cat with a light happy voice. During the flight, land or swoop the feather end close to your cat, they will be waiting/jumping for the right moment to catch their prey! When caught, play dead and take the chance to get away when the cat releases their grip! Repeating this routine will entertain and exhaust your cat. If they are panting, rest for a while and start again until the cat is completely tired.
Some single feathers or the new Frenzy reward toy can be used to satisfy the cats catch instinct and for the kill chew instinct. Then a high protein snack. This completes the natural cycle of hunt-catch-kill-eat.
It’s always best to put away the Flying Frenzy after play sessions.
Used regularly, This toy as play therapy can help with shy/ nervous cats and different kinds of aggressive feline behaviours.

Safety – As with all fishing rod toys, please ensure supervised play at all times. Some cats will chew/eat the string when unsupervised.

The Frenzy toys are extremely addictive to cats AND owners, make sure to limit play sessions to 5 or ten minutes at a time so your cat has time to recover – they will likely just carry on trying to catch it until they drop!

As the Flying Frenzy toy is so adored with cats of all ages, it is recommended to keep the toy securely locked away, your cat will seek it out and destroy it otherwise!

So what’s the difference from The Da Bird Easy store (USA) to the Flying Frenzy (UK) rods?-

The Da Bird has a two part rod 18″ long each pushed together to make a long rod. The Flying Frenzy is a single long rod 19″ long. Both are made with fibreglass and both excellent quality. However the Frenzy rod does have these advantages:-

Fibreglass Splinters – Unfortunately small diameter fibreglass rods shed fibres when flexed, this is virtually impossible to stop with a rod of 3mm diameter and when they stick in your hand they can be very painful. Frenzy have solved this problem by encasing the entire wand in a lightweight soft plastic sheath which does not affect the flexibility or strength of the wand but completely eliminates the splinter problem.
Cord Tangling – Other manufacturers attach the cord with a plastic fitting which pushes onto the end of the rod, resulting in the cord not being attached to the end of the wand and pointing in the wrong direction. Frenzy wands have the cord attached by an extra swivel hook so the cord is attached at the very tip of the wand and pointing the correct way so less likely to get the cord knotted around the wand. You can also replace the cord with one of your own easily.
Damaged Cords & Clips – Eventually your cat will manage to chew through the cord. Frenzy don’t expect you to buy a new wand when this happens, Frenzy supply a wand repair kit which includes a new cord, snap hook and glue lined fitting with swivel hook to restore your wand to new condition in a couple of minutes.
Wand Falling Apart – Frenzy wands are a one piece construction so no more wand falling apart at the joint after a short time playing.
You may now be thinking ‘If the Frenzy wand is as good as they say how come it is cheaper than other quality wands?’ Well the answer is simple, Frenzy produce and sell them at minimum profit – Frenzy make less so you get better value for money. Frenzy know your cat as many other cats love the frenzy range so will highly recommend it.

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