Felix Pouch Agail Senior Multipack Mvp 12x100g

Felix Pouch Agail Meat Multipack 12x100g PMP

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Product Description

Felix As Good As it Looks Senior Pouch is specially formulated for
cats over 7 years old.
Did you know that an average cat spends about 40% of his life as a
senior cat? While cats like Felix are far from average, Felix As
Good as it Looks Senior pouches have been specifically formulated
for cats 7 years and above. Although your cat may look the same at
this age, his nutritional requirements have started to change. Felix
As Good as it Looks Senior Pouches are 100% nutritionally balanced to
help promote health and wellbeing for those going a bit grey around
the whiskers.

3 x with appetising Chicken.
3 x with delicious Beef.
3 x with tasty Tuna.
3 x with savoury Salmon.

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