Cosmic Catnip Leaves Packet – Super Strong Catnip

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Cosmic Catnip is the most aromatic catnip ever grown according to Cosmic and they may just be right as the cats and kittens at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue just can’t get enough of it.

The leaves are very versatile and you can spread some on your cat activity centre / cat scratching post or sprinkle on their toys. A great way to freshen up old toys is to pop them in a bag with some Cosmic Catnip Leaves, seal and leave for a few days. Hey Presto! Its as if you have just given them brand new toys and watch them roll about and chase their toys while you sit back and smile.

This 5oz bag comes with a resealable opening though we do advise you keep the bag of Cosmic Catnip well out of reach and locked in a cupboard if you want to avoid Catnip thieves.

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