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Thank you for adding your cat or kitten onto our waiting list.

Please note that waiting times can be several months and should you need to rehome your cat or kitten you are advised to contact other cat rescues in the Fife and surrounding areas as well as registering with Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue.  Should you be successful in finding a place for your cat elsewhere then please do let us know so that we can remove your details from our database.

If you are trying to log an emergency please contact us using our emergency number 07783 639898.

If you have an urgent plea for help please call the rescue during office hours on 0300 330 1412.

We do not normally send out regular correspondence to waiting list cat owners.  As a space becomes available someone will contact you to arrange for your cat or kitten to come in.  Also if we identify a possible new owner for your cat or kitten from applicants, someone will be in touch to discuss this with you.