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Star – Gorgeous Dark Torti Lady (Adopted) 

Pic of star the cat


We have SO many characters here at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue just now that we are simply bursting to tell you about and I’ve chosen this wonderful, cheeky, loving little lady to be head of the queue as her photos just capture her cheekiness perfectly!

Star is approximately 2 years old and came to us at Sunny Harbour after being found wandering the streets emaciated, full of worms & fleas and in a terrible state she really wouldn’t have coped much longer.

Thankfully she chose the home of cat lovers to help her and within a few hours of hearing about this gorgeous girl we had her safe here with us at the Cat Rescue.

We treated her for her physical ailments such as her heavy flea & worm burden and had her neutered and after a few days of sleeping eye was very quick to overcome her ordeal and show us all what a confident (if sometimes slightly bossy) little lady she is.

Sh is exceptionally playful, especially if it’s a feather toy or one that involves food! yes, Star likes her food just a little ‘too’much so you would definitely need to keep an eye on her weight.

She loves stealing food either from other cats or breaking into sealed boxes of food to get what she wants and when found out just flutters those gorgeous lashes with a “who me???” look!

Star would be looking to be the first cat in the household and if honest, would prefer to be an only cat as she can be quite the bully around others.

She is scared of very young children so definitely a home with no little cherubs now or in the future.  She would be best suited to a family with children over 10 years old at least.

We don’t know for sure how Star would be with dogs but due to her behaviour at the rescue we would advise against households with dogs.

We are looking for a home for Star where she can have some safe outside access in an area well away from busy traffic main roads & cut throughs.  Gardens with true Cat Proof Fencing installed will also be considered.

We have neutered Star, treated her for all her parasite infections and has been given a clean bill of health by the vet.  She will also be microchipped on leaving Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue and will have at least started her vaccinations.

If you feel that you could offer Star the AMAZING 1st class home she deserves then please read through our FAQ page and then send us an application form from our website

Pic of Star

Who me?