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Cat Re Homing

Cheekie found love through sunny harbour cat rescue rehoming service

Cheekie found love through sunny harbour cat rescue rehoming service

Every day there is a cat or kitten living in a home which for a variety of reasons will need a new place to stay and call home.  Perhaps you are moving into a no pet lease flat, moving abroad or your cats don’t get on.

Whatever the reason it is always important to ensure that any new home you find for your cat or kitten is a safe, loving home.

Every day we hear from people by email and phone going through this and it is important that people know there are organisations, such as Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue, who are here to help in the placing of your loved cat or kitten into a new loving home, when space permits us to do so.

Things to avoid

If there is one way of rehoming your cat or kitten that we would desperately urge you to avoid doing is to place ads on free ad sites. These sites are a haven and gold mine for those less caring individuals out to make a quick buck, at your pets expense if they can.

Often many of the kittens appearing on these sites are from kitten farms and owners exploiting their cats for monetary gain.

Whilst we are not labelling everyone who uses these sites into the above categories please be aware that they are combed daily by such people so please remember to ask yourselves;

Is this person really going to take good care of your little ones?

Can you be sure they aren’t going to be bounced round different homes for years to come or used as a breeding machine?

Where to turn?

If you can’t answer yes to all of the questions above then please please consider enlisting the help of Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue or another rescue in the area to ensure your cat / kitten makes it to a safe and loving home for life.  Full contact details for all cat rescues by region can be found on www.catchat.org.  If you don’t find a rescue space for your cat in your immediate area then do try neighbouring regions.

Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue operate a rehoming service for cats and kittens throughout the Fife and Lothians.  All cats and kittens are provided with a full health screening prior to inclusion in our Adoption Program.



Our Adoption Program consists of a robust process to ensure that all cats / kittens are placed into their true forever homes by finding a perfect match between family and cat / kitten.  All applicants for adoption must undergo an interview process and new homes are vetted prior to consideration of cats and kittens being placed in their new homes.

We maintain contact with the new owners throughout their time with their new companion(s) and are always at hand to offer advice or support as and when needed.

If you would like to have the reassurance of knowing someone will be watching over your little one’s then you can add your cat or kitten to our waiting list by filling out our waiting list form that you will find here.

If you wish we are happy to place your cat on our website as looking for a new home if you provide us with a detailed write up and good clear photo’s.  Waiting times to get cats into Sunny Harbour can run into months at certain times of the year and this facility allows us to still help you.

We are happy to speak to you and offer advice as well as practical help and/or inclusion of your cat / kitten in our Adoption Program or to help you find a cat rescue local to you.

Call 0300 330 1412
for help and advice.

Notice re Admissions

If you are looking to rehome your pet cat then there is a waiting time of approximately 10 weeks.  If your need is not urgent then please enter your cat on our waiting list by filling in our online form that you will find here.   Once you have added your details you will not normally hear from us until a space has become available for your cat.  Should you find a space for your cat at another rescue or secure a safe home, then please let us know and we will remove your cat from our database.

 If you are calling regarding an injured or stray cat or kitten in need of urgent help please call us on 0300 330 1412 or our 24hr emergency number 07783 639898 for advice.