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Rio, 3yr old Male Cat

Rio has found himself at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue through no fault of his own, but due to a change in owner circumstances.

He is a very lovely boy who simply wishes to be loved.  He adores ear rubs and the laser pen and has a particular liking for sleeping on cardboard boxes.

At exercise time once he has had a play he loves to lay out on his box watching the world go by.  He keeps his pen spotless and waits patiently for his dinner.  He has the most pitiful little meow and his gorgeous green eyes just give you a gentle, soft look so there is no forgetting him at feeding time.

His favourite treats are Dreamies and Applaws and will very much make someone an amazing companion.


We are looking for a home for Rio with safe outdoor access well away from any busy roads or cut throughs as he isn’t used to lots of traffic.

He would suit a home where he is the only cat and can enjoy cosy evenings at home with you in front of the TV.

Families with children over 5 years old would suit Rio best as he finds younger children a little daunting as they move so fast and are loud but he is used to slightly older quieter children from his previous homes.


If you feel you could offer Rio the loving forever home he deserves please send us an adoption application from our website noting your interest in Rio.