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Porcha – 3yr old blue / cream torti female

We are so pleased to finally be introducing everyone to Porcha so that this amazing and very precious little girl can find her forever home. We have known of Porcha for several months after we took in her litter of kittens at the end of last year.  The owner at that time told us that they would be having her spayed but as expected, that didn’t happen, and Porcha (as we call her) found herself pregnant yet again just a few weeks after we took in the kittens.

Porcha having some fussing and play time.

Porcha having some fussing and play time.

Porcha was in a terrible state when we first brought her in and she was terribly fear aggressive. We believe this was as a result of previous bouncing around homes as she was sold through the free ad sites for most of her life.   However after just a couple of days at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue Porcha showed her true colours.  She was a gentle, very affectionate and loving little cat who longed to be stroked and petted and you couldn’t help but fall under her spell with those gorgeous big green hazy eyes.

Around 2 weeks after she arrived she went into labour with her last litter of kittens and struggled with the delivery of 4 kittens. With lots of help we got mum and babies settled but you just knew from looking at her that she was completely exhausted from having litter after litter.

As her kittens grew older Porcha’s dislike of other cats became very apparent.  She didn’t even like her own kittens and because of her aggressive behaviour with the little ones we removed them from her early.  Because of this we are seeking a home where Porcha is the ONLY animal in the household.

It has also become very apparent in her time with us that something has happened to her involving children. She is absolutely terrified of children of any age.  Therefore we are seeking a home with adults only or children over the age of 14.

Despite her colourful past she is one of the MOST loving, gentle, sweet little cats you could ever wish to meet. Once she has got to know you she is ever so affectionate and all she wants in life is a safe place to call home forever, someone to love and pett her on demand and someone to play with her. Not much to ask at all!

We are very sure that whoever chooses to meet this stunning little lady they will be smitten and she certainly knows how to turn on the charm when she needs to.  She loves to play especially with the laser mouse of Furenzy and most of the time you can’t get any work done as she is following along behind you nudging for cuddles.

Porcha is awaiting a date for her spay operation and has been treated for her heavy worm and flea infestations.  She will be microchipped, vaccinated and insured by the time she leaves Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue.

If you believe that you could offer Porcha the safe and loving home this amazing little girl deserves then please do get in touch with us using our Adoption Application Form.  More can be found about our adoption procedures on our website here.