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Poppie 9mth Female Tabby

I would like to introduce you to our dear little Poppie.  She is gorgeous, affectionate on her terms and a very boisterous little kitten of 9 to 10 months old who has found herself at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue through no fault of her own.


She has settled into life at Sunny Harbour easily and although not a huge fan of her fellow residents she doesn’t let it put her off her stride and she will play all day and all night, should the urge take her. We wouldn’t however advise a new home with other animals for poppy as she can be aggressive towards other cats at the rescue.

Her favourite toys are her ping pong balls, mice and her purple Wubba and its not uncommon to have just cleaned out her pen and come back 5 minutes later to find she has turned everything upside down and all around!

This little girl loves to climb and explore and goes crazy for some interactive play in the form of a feather tickler or laser pen.

Poppy does require a lot of stimulation at the moment to keep her mind occupied and without that input she can get carried away using your hands as toys and chasing you to get you to play. She can, though not always, nip when in this mood and its for this reason that we are looking for either adult only homes or those with children over the age of 12yrs old who can clearly understand how to manage this behaviour.

That said in the 3 months that Poppy has been with us at Sunny Harbour she has improved vastly and is much calmer and more well behaved.

We are as always happy to advise and provide ideas on stimulating her and ..

Ideally we are looking for a fun loving cat orientated person(s) who would like to add Poppie to their family.  Having always lived indoors she isn’t traffic aware so any outdoor home would have to be well away from any passing traffic. Ideally with a cat proofed garden if possible, but not essential.

Due to poppies rather exuberant personality she can charge around quite fast and due to poor handling when she was younger she can see hands as toys. For that reason we feel she would be better around older teenagers preferably used to cats and who can take instruction on how to manage her behaviour.


Poppie is very much overflowing with the joys of life and she is quite the comic and will certainly make you smile every day.

Poppie has been spayed and will have at least started her vaccinations and be treated for fleas & worms and microchipped on leaving Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue.

If you feel you could offer Poppie the stimulating home she deserves then please do send us an adoption form via our website. Please note your interest in Poppie.


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