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Keep Kitty Cool Appeal – Help replace a failing Air Conditioner Unit

A little background….  Click to Donate to Our Appeal

Many people will know about our new cattery build that we have been working on for the best part of 2 years now trying to get to the finish line.  It’s been a very hard slog and thanks to some of our amazing friends and volunteers we got the base down ready for the new building carcass to go in around August 2014.

Since then Paul has worked like a Trojan on his little ‘free’ time to design & piece together the building from scratch.

Thankfully Paul is a very experienced builder to trade for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge that he has brought to the cattery project not to mention the several hundred hours of working hours that we have not had to pay a builder to do.

Our original plan had been not to put the building into use until such times as all building work was finished but unfortunately the need for space / accommodation with so many stray and emergency cases arriving over ruled that decision and with 2 rooms 99% complete kitties moved in!

They first moved in around Autumn / Winter 2015 and it was great. The building was SO well insulated there was no heat escaping and we needed very little additional heat through last winter.  Fab we thought!!

The problem ……

Our old sorry looking air conditioning unit

Our old sorry looking air conditioning unit

However, we have reached the summer months when it is warm & humid before we were ready with a practical working air conditioning system and Paul’s insulation of the building is sooo good the heat isn’t dissipating making it just too hot for both humans & the kitties despite windows & doors open when we can.

To make matters worse our old workhorse of an air conditioning unit that has worked its socks off for the last 10+ years is failing and currently being held together by gaffa tape and crossed fingers but even running at best it still isn’t sufficient enough to cool the separate areas that the cats are currently occupying.

We urgently need to get an operational air conditioning system installed into the building that allows us to cool each of the 3 rooms independently of one another, keeping temperatures down and reducing humidity for the cats (and volunteers) thus preventing the growth & spread / mutation of viral & bacterial infections keeping the cats safe from infection and healthy.

We have identified the perfect system from Panasonic / ElecticiQ that incorporates:

  • Cooling
  • Dehumidifier function
  • Low Noise – as we are in a residential area
  • Heating for the winter
  • Thermostatically Controlled
Multi Pipe Air Con system

1 part of the new system that will keep the cats cool in summer, warm in winter and remove excess moisture from the air through its dehumidifier function.

The purchase of the system which requires 2 external power / compressor units and 3 internal units will cost £1500 however Paul being a tradesman can install the system so we shouldn’t have any additional installation costs.  The first unit we require is this and the second is here.

The units can be fitted relatively quickly and therefore operational and keeping everyone cool as quickly as possible.

Click to Donate to Our Appeal

Sarah & Paul said:

Those of our wonderful supporters who have known us for a time will know how hard we try not to have to come to you in this way to ask for financial help but we need to fix this issue quickly and as you may know we have had an atrocious year which has caused us to greatly reduce adoption rates since January, greatly reducing income into the charity, whilst still having extensive outlays.  To date absolutely nothing has gone to plan and our funds have been nearly all but completely wiped out.

In an ideal world we would have kept to our plans and not put the 2 near complete rooms into use however the enormous line of stray and sick cats needing help has meant that just wasn’t possible if we wanted to save the lives of cats such as Steve, Oliver, Freddie, Milo, Holly, Jet, Noir and many many more and so what funds we have had in standby have now all gone on their extensive veterinary care and medications leaving us nothing extra to replace the air conditioning unit we have, which you can see from the photo at the top of the page has most definitely seen better days!

How you can help…..

If you could possibly help us cool the kitties quickly and keep them all healthy and comfortable in this heat by donating to our appeal that would be AMAZING 🙂 and there are several ways you can do this…..

Click on (Donate Button) to donate funds online by card or PayPal or use the form below.  If you prefer you can send a postal donation for the kitties payable to Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue which is at 70 Bank Street, Lochgelly, Fife, KY5 9QN.

Other Ways to Help…

Are you having a clear out at home of cupboards or drawers?  or maybe moving home?  Would you have anything that you could drop into our shop that we could sell to raise pennies for the cats at Sunny Harbour?

We are always looking for jewellery, gift sets, candles, home wares, art work, good quality clothes, CD/DVD’s, electronics and more that we could sell to raise funds.

Or if you don’t have many items yourself you could organise a community collection of goods for us that we can either recycle or sell to raise the funds we need to order these air conditioning units and get our hot kitties back into cool chilled kitties!!

Thank you so very much for reading our appeal today and helping in any way you can even hitting the ‘Share’ button is a massive help.  Thank you!