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Emaciated Cat Found in Glenrothes


Thanks to local enquiries this wee guys owners were traced and he is now receiving veterinary care for Hyperthyroidism which caused his poor condition.


Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue have taken in an extremely emaciated old ginger cat from Glenrothes this week.  He is settling in well and spent his first few days sleeping soundly as he is absolutely exhausted.  He is is also filthy and matted and obviously very hungry.

Emaciated cat on arrival at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue.

Emaciated cat on arrival at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue.

We have been giving him small wet meals since he arrived and here is a picture of him out for the count catching some sleep on a cosy bed for his weary bones.

We are currently assessing him for signs of illness that may indicate why he is in the extremely poor condition he is and once strong enough will be going for tests to identify any other underlying causes other than just lack of food.

He is not in any pain and for the first time today did call for food rather than us having to wake him to feed and then letting him go back to sleep again.  He is looking brighter and regaining strength a little more every day and we are just very grateful that he found his way to someone who knew to call our cat rescue centre for help.

In the meantime if anyone has any information about this old boy we would be very grateful if you could let us know either by calling in on 0300 330 1412 or by email (see header image on website) or PM through our Facebook page.