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Dark Handsome Gentleman Seeks Cuddles & Mischief

Yes, were Freddie human and posting in the lonely hearts column I’m pretty sure that is how he would start his advert! 

Picture of Freddie the cat

Freddie High Five!

Looks can be very deceiving and very much so with Freddie. You look at this mature black & white cat with a cataract in 1 eye and think “oh a sweet wee man just looking for home to sleep away his days”. 

Well, you couldn’t be more WRONG!!!!!!  

Pic of Freddie the cat playing

My Feather!

Yup Freddie is 13 years old but unfortunately nobody has told Freddie that! He still thinks he’s a cheeky youngster and he has much more on his mind than just sleeping. Mind you I don’t blame him. He’s fit as a fiddle bar his eye which doesn’t hold him back in the slightest! 

In fact we are forever finding him in places high or low our youngsters wouldn’t have a clue how to get into or on top of.  He’s extremely clever, cheeky and we have to say just so so sooooooo darn huggable & loveable!  You would have to have a heart of stone not to fall for Freddie! 

Freddie keeping his beady eye on us!

Freddie would suit a wide range of homes but we are going to opt for a home where there are no children under 5 years old.  Despite what Freddie thinks we do have to be mindful of his age and also his impaired vision and at the fast pace youngsters and toddlers move it just wouldn’t be fair to Freddie. 

I mentioned his cataract above. It’s mild and doesn’t bother him at all. Vets advice has been to leave it be, so we have! We don’t Foresee it causing future issues other than possibly impairing sight in that eye which Freddie copes with brilliantly.

Freddie says he is ready and eager to join his new family just as soon as they find him.  Could it be you?  

If you feel that you could offer Freddie the loving home that he deserves then please do get in touch via our adoption application process.  Please click here to read about how to apply.

Freddie says Hi! Look closely at his left eye and you will see the eye is opaque from the cataract.

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