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Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue have been approached to help find Daisy a lovely, gentle, special needs cat a new loving home. Please don’t be deterred as her disability is very minor and affects only her balance and coordination and does not hinder her in any way at all.  Her current owners say:

“Daisy was handed in to our daughter’s vet practice as a stray kitten at about 6 weeks of age. She was very nervous and shaky and it almost looked like she was having seizures. After 24hrs of TLC she had improved and it was apparent the tremors were a neurological problem and not linked to seizures.

She was put with another kitten of similar age who had been hand reared for companionship for both of them and over the next couple of weeks settled down nicely. Once my daughter was satisfied she could manage everything okay she was rehomed as an indoor only cat. The tremors are an ongoing issue- worse when she’s anxious- and she can be very uncoordinated and unsteady on her feet at times.  Daisy’s condition is called cerebellar hypoplasia which can occur in kittens if their mother is infected with a particular virus whilst pregnant. There is no cure but Daisy has adjusted to life fine and copes well and a good balanced healthy diet and low stress is proven to aid the condition.

Due to problems with her balance she will tend to walk with her claws out so needs her nails clipped regularly to stop them catching on things but she’s very well behaved and easy to handle to have this done. It causes her no other medical problems though care needs to be taken should she ever require another anaesthetic as she had a bad recovery from her spay operation due to a reaction to ketamine. She needs to be indoors only, ideally in a quiet home with minimal disruption to avoid stressing her and making her tremors worse. Daisy would be best suited to a home where there were no other cats or young children.  Older teenage children who can understand her difficulties and more predictable in their movements around her would be much better.

If you click on the link below it will take you to a short video of Daisy allowing you to see how she manages with her Wobble.  Daisy is not hindered at all by what we see as a disability but for her it is part of her normal life and she is a happy, lovely, friendly girl.

Video of Daisy

Ideally we would look for a home with no dogs but she would possibly cope with older and quiet dogs that will leave her alone.

Our younger daughter took her in and she lived in an upper flat in Edinburgh until she moved away for work. At this point we took her in, hopefully until our daughter could have her back. As that is now not going to be possible we would like to find a safe home for her as we travel often and Daisy has had to spend too much time in the cattery.”

If you feel you could offer Daisy the indoor, loving home she requires please direct all enquiries to Mandy on (TBC).

Daisy is currently living with her family in Dunfermline.