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Colby aka ‘Count Colby’

Colby was a kitten of around 7 months old who came to Sunny Harbour on the 16th Feb 2009 and left this world to be with our bridge babes on the 25th Feb 2009.

Although 7 months of age Colby was barely the size of a 12 week old kitten. He was found sat at the side of a road covered in mud, grass and with faeces stuck to his back legs and little bottom which had solidified and casused sores and massive inflamation.

there are no words.

there are no words.

This was Colby when he arrives in a very sorry state, weak, emaciated, in pain and already just about ready to leave us for the bridge.

Despite this we battled on to try to save little Colby but despite our best efforts after just 9 days with us he passed to the bridge as although his little mind was willing his little body was too badly damaged for it to repair.

He was such a little character. Full of love and after a very shaky first few days did improve and show his true character. He captured the hearts of many many people, most of whom never met the little fella. Those that had will never forget those big saucer eyes and fangs and his cheeky little nature.

Colby has been buried at home so he can be near the only place he knew love and warmth and kindness in a spot of the garden to be known as Colby’s Corner.

we gave him love and he left with a piece of our hearts.

we gave him love and he left with a piece of our hearts.

Play hard at the bridge my little fighter. You deserve to be happy and free from pain and I hope Bobo and Sunny are taking care of you. Here only a while but you left with a piece of so many hearts. We miss you dearly.


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