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Wilfred came to Sunny Harbour over the Xmas and New Year of 09/10 after reportedly sleeping in the snow. He was a very bedraggled, dirty looking stray who was terrified of everything and lashed out in fear.

Wilfred on Arrival

Wilfred on Arrival

After only a few short weeks at the Harbour and with good food, love and a box to hide in Wilfred quickly became one of the favourites at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue.

He had the most wonderful chuffing purr and worn raggedy ears yet the softest, most loving eyes and loved nothing more than a cuddle with his head on your shoulder.

Wilfred soon left the Harbour to join his new family where he has been treated like a king, wanting for nothing and once again enjoying a life that he has longed for so long with his years on the streets.

We were very sad to hear that on the 29th August 2010 Wilfred passed to rainbow bridge suddenly. He did not suffer and was reunitied with his family’s pets and the harbour babies waiting to greet him at Rainbow Bridge.

Enjoying a play and ear rub

Enjoying a play and ear rub

“Play free our little soldier. You fought hard for life and your kind loving spirit always shone through. You will forever be a Harbour Baby and we miss and love you always.”


Sandy enjoyed a good head rub

Sandy enjoyed a good head rub

Sandy came to us way back in 2007 after he was found at Kirkcaldy Railway Station having taken himself into the station office plonked himself down on a seat and promptly started shouting for help!

What initially seemed like a straight forward stray or lost cat case very quickly became life threatening for this lovely little fawn ginger boy who had ingested some of the oil from the train carrige and as a result was suffering with severe case of poisoning.

Despite that and all his injuries he fought back and had a further good 1.5 years with us living out what time he had left being spoilt rotten and ruling the roost.

Sadly we never did find his owner despite umpteen searches throughout the country but he was very much loved by us all here at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue and by his finders within the railway too.

on his favourite teddy bear

on his favourite teddy bear

A very comical old boy Sandy was a cat with an answer for everything and you knew if he wasn’t happy by the look on his face! We are sure that he has come back in the guise of little Sammy the kitten who is remarkably like him for his stubborness and tantrums if he doesn’t get his own way!

“play hard at the bridge Sandy boy. You deserve it so so much after all you have been through. We miss you every day and keep you in our hearts forever”


Joey knew love before he passed.

Joey knew love before he passed.

Joey was brought into Sunny Harbour on the 12/07/09 after we received a call about a cat with a broken leg. He was in shocking condition, bleeding sores, feet and eye infections, emaciated and very very weak.

We did everything in our power to provide him with as much care and veterinary treatment as he needed and despite improvement he was sadly too weak to pull through and passed peacefully to Rainbow Bridge on 31/07/2009.

Though he was here just a short while he touched so many people in so many ways and will never be forgotten by all of those who took him into their heart.

Despite what Joey had been through he always had a purr and a cuddle for you and even in his last few moments drifted off with a purr.

“We hope you are free from your pain and living a happy loved life at Rainbow Bridge. You were with us only a short while but we will never, ever, forget you, your bravery and sweet sweet smile.”

Colby aka ‘Count Colby’

Colby was a kitten of around 7 months old who came to Sunny Harbour on the 16th Feb 2009 and left this world to be with our bridge babes on the 25th Feb 2009.

Although 7 months of age Colby was barely the size of a 12 week old kitten. He was found sat at the side of a road covered in mud, grass and with faeces stuck to his back legs and little bottom which had solidified and casused sores and massive inflamation.

there are no words.

there are no words.

This was Colby when he arrives in a very sorry state, weak, emaciated, in pain and already just about ready to leave us for the bridge.

Despite this we battled on to try to save little Colby but despite our best efforts after just 9 days with us he passed to the bridge as although his little mind was willing his little body was too badly damaged for it to repair.

He was such a little character. Full of love and after a very shaky first few days did improve and show his true character. He captured the hearts of many many people, most of whom never met the little fella. Those that had will never forget those big saucer eyes and fangs and his cheeky little nature.

Colby has been buried at home so he can be near the only place he knew love and warmth and kindness in a spot of the garden to be known as Colby’s Corner.

we gave him love and he left with a piece of our hearts.

we gave him love and he left with a piece of our hearts.

Play hard at the bridge my little fighter. You deserve to be happy and free from pain and I hope Bobo and Sunny are taking care of you. Here only a while but you left with a piece of so many hearts. We miss you dearly.



Posing for the camera

Posing for the camera

Paul & I were so delighted to finally be able to introduce Miss Cleo to the world, following her rehabilitation, though it was to be short lived. Cleo came to Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue in December of 2011 after she was brought to Sunny Harbour following the arrival of a new baby, which had left Cleo, an already unpredictable cat, upset about the changes.

When Miss Cleo arrived at 11 years old, it was very clear she was a cat in distress and struggled to trust. She was upset but most of all exceptionally fearful and suffering with a common effect of this, fear aggression.

The progress Cleo made was amazing. This once fearful, hissing cat became the first to her feet to greet you when you went into the cat room. She chatted to you and asked for cuddles and ear rubs and has one of the loudest purrs you have ever heard.   If you kneel next to her pen she has even been known to give the volunteers a headbump, gentle kiss and a general clean up!!

Our Noses will never be as clean again….

You can see in the video below how pleased she was to see you.

Cleo had no sense of toys when she arrived and didn’t understand self play or interactive play. Through time we had shown her how these can be fun and though she would only really self play with her favourite bananas or cigars, she also loved the da bird and laser pens and could get up a fair speed on those wee gorgeous legs.

Cleo formed a special bond with one of our volunteers. She will always be remembered.

Cleo formed a special bond with one of our volunteers. She will always be remembered.

Sadly Cleo’s new found happiness was to be very shortlived. Just a couple of short weeks after finding that you can be happy, loved and without fear she slowly started to go off her food, become lethargic and our happy wee girl just didn’t have her ‘spark’.

Despite a couple of visits to the vets which showed her to be clinically fine even courses of steroids and antibiotics did no good. Finally it was decided that we would take her for an x-ray to find out what could be causing her lethargy and weight loss.

What we were to find was heart breaking. Our little Cleo had a huge number of substantial tumours growing throughout her chest cavity.

Devestated at seeing our wee girl coming SO far to fall just before her chance at happiness has left us all very sad.

Cleo has returned to Sunny Harbour and has been buried in our remembrance gardens in a special spot which we will mark with a special bush and a wee plaque for our wee girl.

“run and play pain free and happy little girl. You are sorely missed and we are ever so proud of you for the wonderful progress you made. We are so happy to have had you in our lives, albeit for a short time. We will always remember you baby girl.”