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Ziggy Young Female Dark Tortie Cat. (Adopted)

Introducing you to Ziggy!

Ziggy came to us after wandering the streets as a long term stray cat.  We had tracked her for several weeks discovering latterly that she was heavily pregnant.  Unable to trap her in time she disappeared off to have her babies alone in the cold during the winter.

We kept looking and just as we thought she was gone for good we got a call to say the wee girl had been found inside of an unused rabbit hutch in a garden with just 1 little kitten.

We brought her in and she was very cold, filthy, skinny and a poor looking wee soul.

It took several weeks but we finally got Ziggy back to good health, spayed and she is now looking for her forever home.

I realise she looks grumpy in her picture but the truth could not be more opposite to what you see (thanks to a bright flash).

Ziggy is truly one of ‘the’ sweetest, most loving, gentle and kind souls you could ever wish to meet.  A true lap cat she adores her cuddles when she’s in the mood and other times is happy just having her own space.

Coming from street life and the fact she finds our 4yr old a bit scary we feel she would be best suited to either a professional couple with no plans of future children or a home with children of around 10yrs old & above.

You most definitely have to be a true cat person for Ziggy who loves long afternoon cuddles on the sofa with a good book or movie and willing to meet her demand for hands on affection.

She loves to have some interactive play fun and truth be told she is a total nip head’ so expect lots of rolling around & drooly behaviour when strong catnip is around and she is soooo easy to fall in love with. 💖 As soon as you say hi she jumps up for head bumps and rolls around asking for tummy rubs & kisses.

Ziggy is neutered, part vaccinated already, microchipped and received a clean bill of health from the vets. Age wise due to her background we don’t have a specific date of birth however through assessment we believe she is approximately 2-4yrs old.

Ziggy unfortunately hates even the sight of other cats so we have to rule out multi cat homes and are looking for a home where she will be a single kitty in the house. That said she has soooo much love to give sharing would be difficult!

We don’t know how she’s with dogs but going by her reaction to other cats it’s probably not something we would look at.

She’s suitable for either a stimulating indoor home or one with safe outdoor access well away from busy roads.

Ziggy is a perfect little companion cat and we are very sure the first person to see her will fall head over heels!

If you would like to be considered for adopting our ‘Wee Angel’, Ziggy then please could we ask you to compete our Adoption Application Form from the website once you have read through our Adoption FAQ .

Should you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Rodney – Young male black and white cat in need of a home

Rodney is a lovely boy who simply adores to have ear rubs and strokes. He would keep you there all day if he thought you would stand there.

Rodney came to Sunny Harbour around 3 months ago after being found cowering in bushes with an injury to his pelvis.   It later turned out he had most likely been involved in a car accident and had suffered some internal fractures in his pelvis, hip and femur causing him immense pain at the time.

He is now completely healed and raring to head off to his forever home. An adult only home would suit him best or a home with older experienced teenagers as he gets startled by the quickness and loudness of younger children.

Rodney still has some weakness in his back legs and needs to rebuild muscle tone after weeks of cage rest so ideally we are looking for an indoor only home but will consider options where Rodney could have supervised access outdoors after 12 months or so.  Due to Rodneys past injury and the way the bones have healed it will potentially unsafe to allow Rodney to free roam so will need supervised during all outdoor exercise. An alternative would be a garden with cat proofed fencing installed so he could not escape the garden.

He has come on so so well from the frightened little boy who arrived and we are very sure that the first people to meet Rodney will fall in love.

Rodney has been neutered and will be vaccinated (at least 1st vaccine) and up to date with flea and worm treatments on leaving Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue.

received_710813225715060If you feel you could offer Rodney the loving home he very much deserves then please do get in touch via our Adoption Application Form.

Porcha – 3yr old blue / cream torti female

We are so pleased to finally be introducing everyone to Porcha so that this amazing and very precious little girl can find her forever home. We have known of Porcha for several months after we took in her litter of kittens at the end of last year.  The owner at that time told us that they would be having her spayed but as expected, that didn’t happen, and Porcha (as we call her) found herself pregnant yet again just a few weeks after we took in the kittens.

Porcha having some fussing and play time.

Porcha having some fussing and play time.

Porcha was in a terrible state when we first brought her in and she was terribly fear aggressive. We believe this was as a result of previous bouncing around homes as she was sold through the free ad sites for most of her life.   However after just a couple of days at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue Porcha showed her true colours.  She was a gentle, very affectionate and loving little cat who longed to be stroked and petted and you couldn’t help but fall under her spell with those gorgeous big green hazy eyes.

Around 2 weeks after she arrived she went into labour with her last litter of kittens and struggled with the delivery of 4 kittens. With lots of help we got mum and babies settled but you just knew from looking at her that she was completely exhausted from having litter after litter.

As her kittens grew older Porcha’s dislike of other cats became very apparent.  She didn’t even like her own kittens and because of her aggressive behaviour with the little ones we removed them from her early.  Because of this we are seeking a home where Porcha is the ONLY animal in the household.

It has also become very apparent in her time with us that something has happened to her involving children. She is absolutely terrified of children of any age.  Therefore we are seeking a home with adults only or children over the age of 14.

Despite her colourful past she is one of the MOST loving, gentle, sweet little cats you could ever wish to meet. Once she has got to know you she is ever so affectionate and all she wants in life is a safe place to call home forever, someone to love and pett her on demand and someone to play with her. Not much to ask at all!

We are very sure that whoever chooses to meet this stunning little lady they will be smitten and she certainly knows how to turn on the charm when she needs to.  She loves to play especially with the laser mouse of Furenzy and most of the time you can’t get any work done as she is following along behind you nudging for cuddles.

Porcha is awaiting a date for her spay operation and has been treated for her heavy worm and flea infestations.  She will be microchipped, vaccinated and insured by the time she leaves Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue.

If you believe that you could offer Porcha the safe and loving home this amazing little girl deserves then please do get in touch with us using our Adoption Application Form.  More can be found about our adoption procedures on our website here.


Rio, 3yr old Male Cat

Rio has found himself at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue through no fault of his own, but due to a change in owner circumstances.

He is a very lovely boy who simply wishes to be loved.  He adores ear rubs and the laser pen and has a particular liking for sleeping on cardboard boxes.

At exercise time once he has had a play he loves to lay out on his box watching the world go by.  He keeps his pen spotless and waits patiently for his dinner.  He has the most pitiful little meow and his gorgeous green eyes just give you a gentle, soft look so there is no forgetting him at feeding time.

His favourite treats are Dreamies and Applaws and will very much make someone an amazing companion.


We are looking for a home for Rio with safe outdoor access well away from any busy roads or cut throughs as he isn’t used to lots of traffic.

He would suit a home where he is the only cat and can enjoy cosy evenings at home with you in front of the TV.

Families with children over 5 years old would suit Rio best as he finds younger children a little daunting as they move so fast and are loud but he is used to slightly older quieter children from his previous homes.


If you feel you could offer Rio the loving forever home he deserves please send us an adoption application from our website noting your interest in Rio.


Misha, 3 year old female tabby

A wonderful. loving and very affectionate brown tabby female cat Misha is an absolute joy to be around.   She is always eager to greet you when you go to visit her and she always has lots of head bumps.

At 2.5 to 3yrs old Misha is still a very young cat though thankfully out of the silly kitten mischief phase.  She loves to play, especially with either the laser mouse or The Furenzy.

Misha came to us through no fault of her own after her owner lost their home and she was unable to take Misha with her. She has settled in very quickly to life at Sunny Harbour and is a joy to look after.  She keeps her pen area lovely and clean, which is more than can be said for some ;-).

posing for the camera

posing for the camera

She enjoys her rest time as much as play time and is very eager to have someone to love whether it be a family or adult home.  She would probably like to have some access to a garden well away from any busy roads or cut throughs.

Misha has lived with a dog before quite happily so would be a good candidate for someone with an existing cat friendly dog.

We are very sure that once you meet Misha you too will fall for her amazing charm.  She truly is one of the nicest cats you could meet.

If you feel that you could offer Misha the loving home that she deserves then please do get in touch via our adoption application process.  Please click here to read about how to apply.

Smooch – Black & White Female

Enjoying some head and ear rubs.

Enjoying some head and ear rubs.

Smooch has found herself at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue through no fault of her own. Sadly due to a change in her owners circumstances she has found herself living here with us at the Harbour.

Smooch is a wonderful senior lady who adores head rubs, strokes and lots of attention.  She isn’t shy in asking for it either and watch out for that head of hers….. its hard!

Smooch is quite happy snoozing away the day but also loves a bit of play time with her favourite mousey toy and laser pen.

She is in good health and pending a review with our vet but we don’t expect there to be any issues.  She is eating very well and gaining weight as her weight was a little low on arrival however that appears to be simply diet related.

Who you pointing that camera at!?

Who you pointing that camera at!?

She is now fed on Royal Canin Aging 12+ which she thorougly enjoys and she must have her daily ration of wet food and laps up the odd treat of applaws chicken or fish.

If you are looking for the perfect companion cat then Smooch is definitely your lady.  She is full of cheek and a lovely, gentle lady who simply just wants a lap to curl up on and someone to love.

If you feel that you could open up your home and heart to this wonderful, healthy senior cat then please, do get in touch via our adoption application process.

Poppie 9mth Female Tabby

I would like to introduce you to our dear little Poppie.  She is gorgeous, affectionate on her terms and a very boisterous little kitten of 9 to 10 months old who has found herself at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue through no fault of her own.


She has settled into life at Sunny Harbour easily and although not a huge fan of her fellow residents she doesn’t let it put her off her stride and she will play all day and all night, should the urge take her. We wouldn’t however advise a new home with other animals for poppy as she can be aggressive towards other cats at the rescue.

Her favourite toys are her ping pong balls, mice and her purple Wubba and its not uncommon to have just cleaned out her pen and come back 5 minutes later to find she has turned everything upside down and all around!

This little girl loves to climb and explore and goes crazy for some interactive play in the form of a feather tickler or laser pen.

Poppy does require a lot of stimulation at the moment to keep her mind occupied and without that input she can get carried away using your hands as toys and chasing you to get you to play. She can, though not always, nip when in this mood and its for this reason that we are looking for either adult only homes or those with children over the age of 12yrs old who can clearly understand how to manage this behaviour.

That said in the 3 months that Poppy has been with us at Sunny Harbour she has improved vastly and is much calmer and more well behaved.

We are as always happy to advise and provide ideas on stimulating her and ..

Ideally we are looking for a fun loving cat orientated person(s) who would like to add Poppie to their family.  Having always lived indoors she isn’t traffic aware so any outdoor home would have to be well away from any passing traffic. Ideally with a cat proofed garden if possible, but not essential.

Due to poppies rather exuberant personality she can charge around quite fast and due to poor handling when she was younger she can see hands as toys. For that reason we feel she would be better around older teenagers preferably used to cats and who can take instruction on how to manage her behaviour.


Poppie is very much overflowing with the joys of life and she is quite the comic and will certainly make you smile every day.

Poppie has been spayed and will have at least started her vaccinations and be treated for fleas & worms and microchipped on leaving Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue.

If you feel you could offer Poppie the stimulating home she deserves then please do send us an adoption form via our website. Please note your interest in Poppie.


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