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Dark Handsome Gentleman Seeks Cuddles & Mischief

Yes, were Freddie human and posting in the lonely hearts column I’m pretty sure that is how he would start his advert! 

Picture of Freddie the cat

Freddie High Five!

Looks can be very deceiving and very much so with Freddie. You look at this mature black & white cat with a cataract in 1 eye and think “oh a sweet wee man just looking for home to sleep away his days”. 

Well, you couldn’t be more WRONG!!!!!!  

Pic of Freddie the cat playing

My Feather!

Yup Freddie is 13 years old but unfortunately nobody has told Freddie that! He still thinks he’s a cheeky youngster and he has much more on his mind than just sleeping. Mind you I don’t blame him. He’s fit as a fiddle bar his eye which doesn’t hold him back in the slightest! 

In fact we are forever finding him in places high or low our youngsters wouldn’t have a clue how to get into or on top of.  He’s extremely clever, cheeky and we have to say just so so sooooooo darn huggable & loveable!  You would have to have a heart of stone not to fall for Freddie! 

Freddie keeping his beady eye on us!

Freddie would suit a wide range of homes but we are going to opt for a home where there are no children under 5 years old.  Despite what Freddie thinks we do have to be mindful of his age and also his impaired vision and at the fast pace youngsters and toddlers move it just wouldn’t be fair to Freddie. 

I mentioned his cataract above. It’s mild and doesn’t bother him at all. Vets advice has been to leave it be, so we have! We don’t Foresee it causing future issues other than possibly impairing sight in that eye which Freddie copes with brilliantly.

Freddie says he is ready and eager to join his new family just as soon as they find him.  Could it be you?  

If you feel that you could offer Freddie the loving home that he deserves then please do get in touch via our adoption application process.  Please click here to read about how to apply.

Freddie says Hi! Look closely at his left eye and you will see the eye is opaque from the cataract.

Minnie a Gorgeous Gentle Girl looking for a Quiet Home

Minnie came to us during a very difficult time in her life. We don’t know full details of her former life but know that she hasn’t had the best of starts. 

Her journey with Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue started when she was handed into us in rough shape with a litter of starving, dying kittens. Mum was so weak she could barely feed and look after herself and through self preservation had no choice but to ignore her babies.  She didn’t have access to the food stores she needed and as a result had been unable to produce milk for the babies.  

A sad but all too common occurrence these days. 

Minnie settling down for a snooze

Mum was far too weak to raise her young and we feared for her health so the babies were switched to bottle feeding so that we could concentrate on getting her well. Sadly by the time this little family got to us the kittens little bodies had already been ravaged by starvation and all passed away over 2 to 3 days. 

Minnie however, somehow found her strength to keep fighting and fight she did. It has taken us several months to get Minnie back to full health but she is now fighting fit and ready to embark on a new and much happier chapter in her life. 

Minnie has won over many hearts at Sunny Harbour with her gentle, loving, personality and were we not all from multi cat homes we are sure she would be heading home with one of our staff. 

Minnie requires a cat free home where she will be both now and in the future, an only cat. 

Minnie is terrified of other cats and can as a result of this chase them away aggressively. 

She loves to play with you with interactive toys such as her laser pen or feather Tickler but hasn’t completely worked out the art of self play yet as she has probably not been given the opportunity to learn in her formative years. That said she is Catnip daft and will think nothing of launching a full scale attack on Catnip puff balls or our knottie toys. 

Minnie adores affection now she feels safe at the harbour to enjoy ear rubs and strokes and would benefit greatly from a quiet household with no young children. An understanding cat orientated family is what this gorgeous little girl needs to show her how life should be with loving pawrents. 

At a mere 2 to 3 years old this little girl had so much to offer the right family willing to open their hearts to her. Could that be you? 

We are very sure that once you meet Minnie,  you too will fall for her sweet, gentle, loving nature. She truly is one of the sweetest cats you could meet.

If you feel that you could offer Minnie the loving home that she deserves then please do get in touch via our adoption application process.  Please click here to read about how to apply.

Minnie Exploring

Isis (Missy) Affectionate anxious lady has found love! (Adopted) 

We are absolutely delighted to report that Isis has found her new pawrent who already loves her unconditionally just as she is! 

Despite our concerns about Isis being overly stressed by her return to Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue and any detrimental effect it may have had,  in light of reports from the previous owner, we need not have been worried as in fact quite the opposite occurred much to our delight!

Those concerned for her will be very happy to learn that Isis settled back into life at Sunny Harbour fantastically well and was eating and enjoying cuddles within minutes of her arrival and made sure she got us all running around to her liking!

It’s been amazing seeing her respond so well to her new pawrent so quickly during her time here and Paul’s pretty sure he caught them snuggled up asleep together in her pen /housing yesterday!  💖😉💖💖

Even after just a couple of short visits it’s clear to see the devotion they have for one another already and we look forward to watching their journey together unfold in the coming months.  💖💖💖💟💟💟

Isis’s Original Adoption page is show below.  

Missy is a very loving, affectionate cat who will weave between your feet the moment they touch the floor in the mornings, pausing only to use her scratching post on the way past, will intently watch you clear her litter tray (to make sure it passes muster) and ensure you get her breakfast before doing anything else of a morning!

Missy is a past Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue resident who has unfortunately found herself in need of a new home due to her current owners change in circumstances which has involved Missy being left on her own for long periods.  This has exacerbated Missy’s anxiousness and caused her to over groom until she is bald on her front legs and has started hiding away and so we all agree that it is better to find her new pawrents that can meet her needs and where she can have the company that she is used to.

By this we mean that Missy would be best suited to a home where someone works from home ideally as she is the perfect companion cat or even someone out the house for part time work.  She is fine being left for a few hours at a time but not a full working day of 8am to 6pm or overnight on her own repeatedly.   We have listed her as in need of an Adult Only Home but have included Older Children as we feel that she may cope well with older calm teenagers in the home also giving her the opportunity for company should she wish it at different times of the day.  Certainly she does need a quiet home as she is not used to lots of loud noises.

Missy’s background before she came to Sunny Harbour was a catalogue of stressful situations and she had started out as a stray cat found in appalling conditions going to another rescue from where she went through 2 or 3 unsuitable homes before finding her way to us.  We spent months trying to find the right home for her but sadly due to the change in circumstances we have no choice but to uproot her again to address her anxiety but we want to be sure that this change will be her very last.

Missy is 6 years old and is up to date on all her vet checks and vaccinations, is neutered and we are hoping we can find a home for her soon so that we can move her from her current home straight into her new home without the need to come into rescue again causing more undue stress.  We only have a limited time in which to do this as her current owner has also notified us that she is moving home in August so we would very much appreciate everyone’s help in sharing her appeal for a new home.

Her current Pawrent says this of Missy:

She can move like lightening around her domain when she has one of her ‘mad moments’ and loves to play with ribbon and anything else that can be whipped around and across the floor. She also has her favourite ‘mouse’ but its only that one mouse – no others compare.  Roll a ball for her or a screwed up piece of paper and she will give you a ‘what am I suppose to do with that’ look.  She is also quite partial to valerian.  She can be a chatty cat, and has lots of very sweet vocal habits.

She adores her scratching post, and has never scratched my furniture.  She has her routine of a pre breakfast pole scratch and ‘welcome home’ pole scratch.  She has her window bed which she spends a lot of time on, watching the world go by and love snoozing in the sunshine.

Checking out the neighbours

Checking out the neighbours

She likes having a dark safe place to go to when she feels the need – a classic introvert who love attention but sometimes needs down time.  Some days she will hide for hours for no real reason, and can be coaxed out but on her terms.  She has a bed set up in my wardrobe (which has curtains rather than doors so she can come and go as she pleases) and her having this dedicated safe space works well.    She does have a fear or garbage trucks for some unknown reason but this has got  better with time.   She is terrified of the washing machine however and even a pile of clothes being picked up from the floor suggesting its wash day will send her scurrying.  This is one of her fears I just haven’t been able to combat.  She will hide away immediately but does now come out before the wash cycle has finished, which is an improvement.

She has two litter trays – having worked through her stress urinary issues in the past I found this to be a helpful aid that has remained in place.  I also make sure its as private for her as I can manage.  They sit next to each other, and she sometimes only uses one but I feel this just helps with her previously advised preference of tray cleanliness.

Toilet habits are regular, and she has been clean for over 18 months now.  I still praise her however, every time I’m cleaning her tray out and she is supervising me…  She has the wooden pellet litter – I would recommend this isn’t changed.

With neighbourhood cats she now stands her ground and protects her territory as is her right, we have a few local cats who drop by to say hello.  She has never actually attacked any of them when they have encroached on her territory (not even when one cheekily wandered in to the house) but she will see them off, but I’ve never seen her get into a fight, only vocal battling.

Settling down for sleep.

Settling down for sleep.

Food wise she is less food focused than she use to be but she does love her food, and is still a little overweight – she doesn’t clear her bowl in one go anymore, and whilst she might fuss for food if I’m anywhere near her food cupboard, she soon wanders off.  She enjoys wet food and is very flexible with brands – I tend to keep to Felix in jelly / as good as its looks as much as possible (avoiding any gravy ones as its too much for her to stomach), but she will equally enjoy cheaper brands.  Also with a little dry available (I go for as natural a brand of dry food as possible, avoiding the cheap supermarket brands and ones that are highly coloured etc as advised by my vet) but she much more favours the wet.  She doesn’t much like the dreamie type treats but loves to play a game of catch and chase to get her ‘stick’ treats.  She has a really good two paw catch on her and loves to hunt down the piece thrown for her.

She loves to sleep next to or on me at night and loves being brushed and will let you clip her claws if you get your timing right (even if she’s not happy you will get a few done!).  Even her back claws can be done if you catch her at the right moment!   She loves company.  She is very sociable now with people compared to when I first got her – she will sit on peoples laps quite happily and will often go and check people out when they come into the house rather than hide away, even total strangers.

Missy is up to date on all her vet checks and vaccinations, is neutered and we are hoping we can find a home for her soon so that we can move her from her current home straight into her new home without the need to come into rescue.  We only have a limited time in which to do this as her current owner has notified us that she is moving home in August so we would very much appreciate everyone’s help in sharing her appeal for a new home.

Thank you for taking the time to read Missy’s rather long profile and if you would like to ask any questions about her please contact us or send us an Adoption Application Form

Clay – Lifelong pirate looking for new life (Adopted) 

Pirate?  I’m sure you have read above and wonder what we mean. Well, have a look at this battered, dog eared face and you will know.  Now, tell me that isn’t a face that just wants to be loved?

We think so too!  Clay is a lifelong street cat. Probably so since he was very young and people just kept chasing him off.  Eventually he found some kind soul to offer him food and brought along his missus & kids too!!

Thankfully, their kind finders contacted us at Sunny Harbour and we began the painstaking process of trapping as all were unhandleable at the time.

Clay (dad) was neutered, his open wounds seen to and infections treated and over the first few weeks he very slowly began to think about trusting us.  Perhaps we weren’t going to be ‘that bad after all?’

He has obviously decided that we aren’t and he has become a lovely, purry lap cat who’re simply adores a ping pong ball and laser pen to chase.

His favourite spot is perching on a stool or cardboard box watching you while you work or nudging you to hurry up with the laser pen or Frenzy.

Yes, behind his butch street cred is a happy wee man who simply longs to be loved and have a roof over his head and pawrents to call his own. Something he hasn’t had for many many years.

As you can see he has had a hard life on the streets and we are sure he has a notch out his ears for each year, but his gentle eyes just want you to kneel or sit down for him to lay on you.

At approximately 8 years old we think Clay fullheartedly deserves to be ‘someones cat’ rather than ‘nobody’s cat’ for his retirement.  A title he has suffered considerably to be rewarded with in his latter years.

Clay’s condition has improved greatly and he looks very well and with every passing day so does his confidence.  It has become evident in his time with us that he has suffered from physical assaults in his past, possibly why he ended up a street cat, but in equal measure you can see the cuddly, lap cat Coming forth more and more.

A big bruiser with a soft cuddly core. Could you love this handsome boy?

A big bruiser with a soft cuddly core. Could you love this handsome boy?

Despite his growing confidence and love of a lap to lay on he can still get a fright if you move suddenly, walk towards him suddenly or more so, too many hands at his face.  With this in mind we would recommend Clay for a home that is either adult only or a family home with older teenagers who could follow our directions on how best to help him feel safe and work with him to trust new people.

Volunteer Patty says of Clay

“I love my time with Clay during my shifts, he’s such a lovely boy. He’s going to make someone a really amazing companion”.

His only lasting tell tale signs of his hard life is his melon head, raggedy ears and intermittent watery right eye.  We have neutered Clay and treated all of his ailments and he will be up to date with all flea and worm treatments on leaving sunny harbour, have received his first vaccination at the very least and be microchipped.

We are looking for an experienced cat owner with safe outdoor access away from any busy main roads (cat proof fencing accepted too) for Clay.  There is every chance that Clay will be good with other cats but ideally we would like to get him a home to call his own initially.

If you feel that you could offer this strapping lad a loving home where he can feel safe and loved then please do get in touch.  We advise you take a few moments to read through out FAQ page on adoptions and then send us an adoption application form noting your interest in Clay.


Star – Gorgeous Dark Torti Lady (Adopted) 

Pic of star the cat


We have SO many characters here at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue just now that we are simply bursting to tell you about and I’ve chosen this wonderful, cheeky, loving little lady to be head of the queue as her photos just capture her cheekiness perfectly!

Star is approximately 2 years old and came to us at Sunny Harbour after being found wandering the streets emaciated, full of worms & fleas and in a terrible state she really wouldn’t have coped much longer.

Thankfully she chose the home of cat lovers to help her and within a few hours of hearing about this gorgeous girl we had her safe here with us at the Cat Rescue.

We treated her for her physical ailments such as her heavy flea & worm burden and had her neutered and after a few days of sleeping eye was very quick to overcome her ordeal and show us all what a confident (if sometimes slightly bossy) little lady she is.

Sh is exceptionally playful, especially if it’s a feather toy or one that involves food! yes, Star likes her food just a little ‘too’much so you would definitely need to keep an eye on her weight.

She loves stealing food either from other cats or breaking into sealed boxes of food to get what she wants and when found out just flutters those gorgeous lashes with a “who me???” look!

Star would be looking to be the first cat in the household and if honest, would prefer to be an only cat as she can be quite the bully around others.

She is scared of very young children so definitely a home with no little cherubs now or in the future.  She would be best suited to a family with children over 10 years old at least.

We don’t know for sure how Star would be with dogs but due to her behaviour at the rescue we would advise against households with dogs.

We are looking for a home for Star where she can have some safe outside access in an area well away from busy traffic main roads & cut throughs.  Gardens with true Cat Proof Fencing installed will also be considered.

We have neutered Star, treated her for all her parasite infections and has been given a clean bill of health by the vet.  She will also be microchipped on leaving Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue and will have at least started her vaccinations.

If you feel that you could offer Star the AMAZING 1st class home she deserves then please read through our FAQ page and then send us an application form from our website

Pic of Star

Who me?

Billy the Kid (Adopted) 

Billy was once “somebody’s cat” until his somebody decided that they didn’t really want Billy any more.

His family put him out (unneutered)  to stray and fend for himself in Falkirk. Billy spent a few years trudging around the streets in all weathers, seeking food and shelter wherever he could, depending on the kindness of strangers.

Sadly, not everyone was kind to Billy so he forgot about being “somebody’s cat” and decided it was safer to be “nobody’s cat” and he became very wary of people.

Even when people were kind to him, he was afraid and would back away. Then he got sore eyes, so sore that he couldn’t open them. One of the kind people looking out for Billy contacted a local charity, the Cat Register & Rescue and so Billy was caught and taken to the vet where he was neutered  and got treatment for his sore eyes.

To keep him safe while recovering and to make sure he got his eye drops in every day, Billy was taken to a temporary place of safety. At first he was quite content to be there, to get four meals a day, to rediscover what it means to be “somebody’s cat”, to remember how to purr and give headbutts…..but now Billy needs to move onto a forever home, somewhere safe, where he will eventually be able to have outdoor access.

He would be happiest with someone who knows that a cat like him needs time to readjust to being “somebody’s cat”.  A home with no children ideally, though an experienced cat orientated home with mature teenagers may be considered.

Billy doesn’t quite look his Sunday best, just yet and needs a lot of patience and gentle handling to fully regain his confidence and blossom into the sleek, handsome gent that lies underneath just waiting to get out!


We estimate Billy to be approximately 5 years old.

As you can perhaps see from his picture he hasn’t yet fully completed his treatment for his eye condition.  We would hope this was resolved by the time he finds his forever home though full guidance will be provided by the Cat Register & Rescue.

All Billy wants is to feel safe, to love and be loved!  Could you be just who Billy is looking for?

Billy is located currently in the Falkirk area and you would be expected to travel to meet him.

If you think that you could offer Billy just the home he needs then please send in an Adoption Application in the first instance and we will forward your details to the Cat Register & Rescue.

Ziggy Young Female Dark Tortie Cat. (Adopted)

Introducing you to Ziggy!

Ziggy came to us after wandering the streets as a long term stray cat.  We had tracked her for several weeks discovering latterly that she was heavily pregnant.  Unable to trap her in time she disappeared off to have her babies alone in the cold during the winter.

We kept looking and just as we thought she was gone for good we got a call to say the wee girl had been found inside of an unused rabbit hutch in a garden with just 1 little kitten.

We brought her in and she was very cold, filthy, skinny and a poor looking wee soul.

It took several weeks but we finally got Ziggy back to good health, spayed and she is now looking for her forever home.

I realise she looks grumpy in her picture but the truth could not be more opposite to what you see (thanks to a bright flash).

Ziggy is truly one of ‘the’ sweetest, most loving, gentle and kind souls you could ever wish to meet.  A true lap cat she adores her cuddles when she’s in the mood and other times is happy just having her own space.

Coming from street life and the fact she finds our 4yr old a bit scary we feel she would be best suited to either a professional couple with no plans of future children or a home with children of around 10yrs old & above.

You most definitely have to be a true cat person for Ziggy who loves long afternoon cuddles on the sofa with a good book or movie and willing to meet her demand for hands on affection.

She loves to have some interactive play fun and truth be told she is a total nip head’ so expect lots of rolling around & drooly behaviour when strong catnip is around and she is soooo easy to fall in love with. 💖 As soon as you say hi she jumps up for head bumps and rolls around asking for tummy rubs & kisses.

Ziggy is neutered, part vaccinated already, microchipped and received a clean bill of health from the vets. Age wise due to her background we don’t have a specific date of birth however through assessment we believe she is approximately 2-4yrs old.

Ziggy unfortunately hates even the sight of other cats so we have to rule out multi cat homes and are looking for a home where she will be a single kitty in the house. That said she has soooo much love to give sharing would be difficult!

We don’t know how she’s with dogs but going by her reaction to other cats it’s probably not something we would look at.

She’s suitable for either a stimulating indoor home or one with safe outdoor access well away from busy roads.

Ziggy is a perfect little companion cat and we are very sure the first person to see her will fall head over heels!

If you would like to be considered for adopting our ‘Wee Angel’, Ziggy then please could we ask you to compete our Adoption Application Form from the website once you have read through our Adoption FAQ .

Should you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Rodney – Young male black and white cat in need of a home (Adopted) 

Rodney is a lovely boy who simply adores to have ear rubs and strokes. He would keep you there all day if he thought you would stand there.

Rodney came to Sunny Harbour around 3 months ago after being found cowering in bushes with an injury to his pelvis.   It later turned out he had most likely been involved in a car accident and had suffered some internal fractures in his pelvis, hip and femur causing him immense pain at the time.

He is now completely healed and raring to head off to his forever home. An adult only home would suit him best or a home with older experienced teenagers as he gets startled by the quickness and loudness of younger children.

Rodney still has some weakness in his back legs and needs to rebuild muscle tone after weeks of cage rest so ideally we are looking for an indoor only home but will consider options where Rodney could have supervised access outdoors after 12 months or so.  Due to Rodneys past injury and the way the bones have healed it will potentially unsafe to allow Rodney to free roam so will need supervised during all outdoor exercise. An alternative would be a garden with cat proofed fencing installed so he could not escape the garden.

He has come on so so well from the frightened little boy who arrived and we are very sure that the first people to meet Rodney will fall in love.

Rodney has been neutered and will be vaccinated (at least 1st vaccine) and up to date with flea and worm treatments on leaving Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue.

received_710813225715060If you feel you could offer Rodney the loving home he very much deserves then please do get in touch via our Adoption Application Form.

Porcha – 3yr old blue / cream torti female

We are so pleased to finally be introducing everyone to Porcha so that this amazing and very precious little girl can find her forever home. We have known of Porcha for several months after we took in her litter of kittens at the end of last year.  The owner at that time told us that they would be having her spayed but as expected, that didn’t happen, and Porcha (as we call her) found herself pregnant yet again just a few weeks after we took in the kittens.

Porcha having some fussing and play time.

Porcha having some fussing and play time.

Porcha was in a terrible state when we first brought her in and she was terribly fear aggressive. We believe this was as a result of previous bouncing around homes as she was sold through the free ad sites for most of her life.   However after just a couple of days at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue Porcha showed her true colours.  She was a gentle, very affectionate and loving little cat who longed to be stroked and petted and you couldn’t help but fall under her spell with those gorgeous big green hazy eyes.

Around 2 weeks after she arrived she went into labour with her last litter of kittens and struggled with the delivery of 4 kittens. With lots of help we got mum and babies settled but you just knew from looking at her that she was completely exhausted from having litter after litter.

As her kittens grew older Porcha’s dislike of other cats became very apparent.  She didn’t even like her own kittens and because of her aggressive behaviour with the little ones we removed them from her early.  Because of this we are seeking a home where Porcha is the ONLY animal in the household.

It has also become very apparent in her time with us that something has happened to her involving children. She is absolutely terrified of children of any age.  Therefore we are seeking a home with adults only or children over the age of 14.

Despite her colourful past she is one of the MOST loving, gentle, sweet little cats you could ever wish to meet. Once she has got to know you she is ever so affectionate and all she wants in life is a safe place to call home forever, someone to love and pett her on demand and someone to play with her. Not much to ask at all!

We are very sure that whoever chooses to meet this stunning little lady they will be smitten and she certainly knows how to turn on the charm when she needs to.  She loves to play especially with the laser mouse of Furenzy and most of the time you can’t get any work done as she is following along behind you nudging for cuddles.

Porcha is awaiting a date for her spay operation and has been treated for her heavy worm and flea infestations.  She will be microchipped, vaccinated and insured by the time she leaves Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue.

If you believe that you could offer Porcha the safe and loving home this amazing little girl deserves then please do get in touch with us using our Adoption Application Form.  More can be found about our adoption procedures on our website here.


Rio, 3yr old Male Cat

Rio has found himself at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue through no fault of his own, but due to a change in owner circumstances.

He is a very lovely boy who simply wishes to be loved.  He adores ear rubs and the laser pen and has a particular liking for sleeping on cardboard boxes.

At exercise time once he has had a play he loves to lay out on his box watching the world go by.  He keeps his pen spotless and waits patiently for his dinner.  He has the most pitiful little meow and his gorgeous green eyes just give you a gentle, soft look so there is no forgetting him at feeding time.

His favourite treats are Dreamies and Applaws and will very much make someone an amazing companion.


We are looking for a home for Rio with safe outdoor access well away from any busy roads or cut throughs as he isn’t used to lots of traffic.

He would suit a home where he is the only cat and can enjoy cosy evenings at home with you in front of the TV.

Families with children over 5 years old would suit Rio best as he finds younger children a little daunting as they move so fast and are loud but he is used to slightly older quieter children from his previous homes.


If you feel you could offer Rio the loving forever home he deserves please send us an adoption application from our website noting your interest in Rio.