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Billy the Kid (Adopted) 

Billy was once “somebody’s cat” until his somebody decided that they didn’t really want Billy any more.

His family put him out (unneutered)  to stray and fend for himself in Falkirk. Billy spent a few years trudging around the streets in all weathers, seeking food and shelter wherever he could, depending on the kindness of strangers.

Sadly, not everyone was kind to Billy so he forgot about being “somebody’s cat” and decided it was safer to be “nobody’s cat” and he became very wary of people.

Even when people were kind to him, he was afraid and would back away. Then he got sore eyes, so sore that he couldn’t open them. One of the kind people looking out for Billy contacted a local charity, the Cat Register & Rescue and so Billy was caught and taken to the vet where he was neutered  and got treatment for his sore eyes.

To keep him safe while recovering and to make sure he got his eye drops in every day, Billy was taken to a temporary place of safety. At first he was quite content to be there, to get four meals a day, to rediscover what it means to be “somebody’s cat”, to remember how to purr and give headbutts…..but now Billy needs to move onto a forever home, somewhere safe, where he will eventually be able to have outdoor access.

He would be happiest with someone who knows that a cat like him needs time to readjust to being “somebody’s cat”.  A home with no children ideally, though an experienced cat orientated home with mature teenagers may be considered.

Billy doesn’t quite look his Sunday best, just yet and needs a lot of patience and gentle handling to fully regain his confidence and blossom into the sleek, handsome gent that lies underneath just waiting to get out!


We estimate Billy to be approximately 5 years old.

As you can perhaps see from his picture he hasn’t yet fully completed his treatment for his eye condition.  We would hope this was resolved by the time he finds his forever home though full guidance will be provided by the Cat Register & Rescue.

All Billy wants is to feel safe, to love and be loved!  Could you be just who Billy is looking for?

Billy is located currently in the Falkirk area and you would be expected to travel to meet him.

If you think that you could offer Billy just the home he needs then please send in an Adoption Application in the first instance and we will forward your details to the Cat Register & Rescue.